Make sustainable use of packaging possible!

Less polarization – more cooperation!

The members of the platform have a clear stance: There is a problem, and we have to take a share of the responsibility for it. We want to do this together with everyone who has something meaningful to contribute to packaging with a future. No solutions will be found in working against each other. It can only be achieved through genuine and serious cooperation.

Seeing the bigger picture

We are all working towards the same goal – we agree on that! A clean and safe future! To achieve this, we must consider all possibilities and decide on a case-by-case basis what needs to be packed and how. It is important to see and compare as many approaches as possible in order to achieve the most sustainable result.


Now or never

We believe that sustainable use of packaging is possible, reasonable and necessary. By now, it is clear to everyone that we need to use our resources more sustainably and reduce the footprint we leave behind. As individual companies, we have been working on this for a long time – but together we can go much further. We need even more support and to connect our solutions so we can become a role model for tackling the international waste problem.

Closing the loop

We want to realize the vision of effective collection, separation, recycling and a functioning circular economy. Europe is playing an exemplary role and has set ambitious goals for itself. For example, all plastic packaging should be reusable or recyclable by 2030. To achieve this, technologies and approaches – such as those that already exist in Austria and Germany – must be applied and intensively developed further. Only then will we be able to serve as a global model for success. Because waste has no borders!

Packaging with a Future

Packaging is important. It protects all the products that we consume every day. This protective function is not only good for the product, but also good for the environment.

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